Bringing the Joy Back to Bathing

For (Extra) Sensitive Skin Types


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  • Synthetic Fragrance Free

    Fragrances are complex and can contain multiple synthetic and/or chemical ingredients. Because of the sensitivity of our skin, any one with sensitive skin or common skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis, are better off using products that avoid fragrance altogether.

    But this does not mean bathing should be boring!  

  • Essential Oil Free

    Many times, people with sensitive skin also have skin that is allergenic. The concentration of essential oils increases the chances of your skin being irritated or having an adverse reaction. Because of this our founder can never use a skin care product that has essential oils in its ingredient line-up, we figure that she is not alone. 

  • A Unique Herbal Infusion in Every Bar

    We never want our customers to feel limited in their bathtime options. Through our founder's background in horticulture and plant science, we were able to infuse our bar soaps with herbs that allow each Gently bar to have its own subtle botanical scent.

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A Letter From Our Founder

“Growing up with any type of sensitive skin is frustrating.

Throughout my life, I would have painful adverse reactions to everything: soap, cosmetics, laundry detergent…you name it. When I was recommended products for my skin type, they were incredibly boring and “one size fits all”. I truly believe that no matter what skin condition or skin type you have, you should still be able to experience the joy of bathing.

Gently Soap’s mission is to bring the joy back to bathing for (extra) sensitive skin types. We are the best bathing choice for sensitive skin in every way. A bar soap can be ultra-gentle and fun, and we’re determined to prove it.”

- Kristen Dunning, Founder of Gently Soap

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