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  • Infused with herbs from local Georgia farms

Sensitive Skin in Mind

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What People are saying

I've had a patch of psoriasis behind my ear that popped up a couple of years ago...I have used different cleansers and lotions and tried to keep it moisturized, but it has always stayed flaky and itchy. At one point it would just bleed any time I touched my ear. Well, I used this soap ONE time and immediately felt relief... I took a shower tonight and used my bar and it went from extremely irritated to completely gone! I am so impressed. Would HIGHLY recommend.


I've had eczema my whole life, and have kind of outgrown it, but my sensitive skin has stayed. This bar is super gentle and cleansing and doesn't bother my skin! It lathers really nicely and even though it's fragrance-free it doesn't smell all chemically like most fragrance-free soaps (iykyk the smell) because it's all made from plants!!


I was absolutely amazed by the Herbal Whipped Body Butter. The texture, softness of my skin after the application, the fragrance was very light and the way my skin feels is absolutely perfect. I am extremely overwhelmed by the enhanced look and feel of this product and its performance. I totally recommend this! I promise when you purchase this, you will be extremely overly satisfied!


I ordered the Herbal Whipped Body Butter and WOOW - absolutely loved this so much. It made my skin feel so soft and hydrated and the smell was wonderful! HIGHLY recommend and great gift idea as the presentation is lovely as well.


I am in love with this body butter! The consistency is perfect. It has a light texture that feels like whipped butter and melts in your hands. The soft fragrance works well with the bar soaps, and it absorbs well. I highly recommend!


I really love the coffee exfoliation. I couldn’t believe how great my skin feels every time I use this product. Not only does it exfoliate but it’s moisturizing and leaves my skins glowing and soft. This will be one of my staples, love it!!


I absolutely love this soap! It smells SO good, and the scent is very relaxing and calming. It always makes me feel nice and clean without drying out my skin. Overall a great body soap and I would recommend it to anyone.


I found out about this brand after a friend got into my car and smelled so fresh and clean. I actually interrupted her sentence because I had to know what she was wearing. I was surprised that it was simply soap! I have shower shelves full of body washes, bar soaps, etc. to match my mood for the day. I got a little tickled this morning when I noticed I keep reaching past the expensive stuff for this bar every day. It is light, smells fresh, lathers well and doesn’t leave any kind of residue. I especially love that I can pronounce every single ingredient and I trust that I’m doing something good for my skin when I use it. The packaging is cute and reusable too! I highly recommend!


I used the soil as a lip scrub and body scrub yesterday and I just wanted to say it’s by far the best scrub I’ve ever used! My skin felt so soft and moisturized after I used it and I usually use another body scrub but it doesn’t even compare to this one.