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A Bar Soap for Sensitive Skin Never Looked This Good

We know that sensitive skin requires a little extra celebration.
Gently Soap offers a soothing, botanical experience with no
synthetic fragrances or essential oils - just gentle, joyful formulas
designed to care for sensitive skin and skin conditions.

What Gently soap customers have to say
I’ve struggled with eczema my whole life, so I’m no stranger to beauty products for sensitive skin. This is the first soap that not only works for my skin, but it also smells good! I’m so excited to finally have a good-smelling, sensitive-skin option for soaps!
— Caitlin
Allergies make it hard to find soap that won’t irritate my skin. Gently Soap is great option for soap that is not boring but safe for sensitive skin!
— Timothy, Amazon Customer
I have been a die hard Gently customer from the very beginning! Knowing that each product is made from whole ingredients from fair trade sources and is handcrafted with thought for the consumers skim not just their wallet is what truly makes their products worth buying!
— Amazon Customer
I am a big fan of natural scents and products; this brand has NAILED it! The product is so gentle on my skin (I get nummular eczema spots from time to time), and it's so much better than those boring old no-scented sensitive skin products I used to resort to using. Love, Love, LOVE Gently!
— Vale, Amazon Customer
Honestly once you start using this soap you will literally never go back. All other soap leaves my skin feeling so dry but Gently leaves me MOISTURIZED + smelling amazing!!!! This soap lasts SOOO long too. If I could give it 6 stars I would.
— Gracie, Amazon Customer
My wife bought the lavender soap - honestly my favorite soap I’ve used. I love that it’s all natural ingredients, you don’t have to worry what you’re putting on your body. Get some Gently Soap today!
— Shem, Amazon Customer

Rooted in Agricultural Science and Heritage

My grandparents lived in Dixons Mills, Alabama on an 84 acre homestead. Their entire community was made up of Black farmers and because of this, I was able to see at a really young age how valuable it is to connect with land, nature, and how the power of plants can bring people together.

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