What is your mission? 

Gently Soap was founded in 2020 to offer products to a demographic that often struggles to find solutions within the commercial skincare industry: those with sensitive skin. 

Why is fragrance-free soap better for my sensitive skin? 

Fragrances are complex and can contain multiple synthetic and/or chemical ingredients. Because of the sensitivity of our skin, any one with sensitive skin or common skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis, are better off using products that avoid fragrance altogether. 

Why don’t you use essential oils? 

Many times, people with sensitive skin also have skin that is allergenic. The concentration of essential oils increases the chances of your skin being irritated or having an adverse reaction. Because of this our founder can never use a skin care product that has essential oils in its ingredient line-up, we figure that she is not alone. 

Do your bar soaps have a scent? 

We get this question a lot and for good reason. Logically without fragrance or essential oils…an aroma would not exist right? Well, since we infuse our saponified oils with herbs, most of those aromatic, and even beneficial, properties many love still come through in our bar soap! 

Why do you only sell bar soap and not body wash or liquid soap? 

We hear you…bar soap is not for everyone. Our founder’s own mother loves a great body wash and asks all the time when her favorite soap may get a liquid companion. Gently is dedicated to sustainability and environmental integrity, a value we stated very early on. We strive to do our part to decrease the prevalence of single-use plastic packaging in the personal care industry. Just give us some time and continue to support us in our growth, we got you.