I was on my way home listening to COZY by Beyoncé. “Comfortable in my skin, COZY, COZY” The lyrics hit me differently. I started to think about what being COZY meant for me. As someone with eczema, I have struggled for years to live comfortably in my skin. I used to wish I could physically leave my body because of the torturing and long battle that comes with this chronic skin disorder. 

Beyoncé singing these positive words in my ear about being comfortable with who I am meant a lot for me. To me, COZY means being comfortable with my eczema. It means being comfortable educating others on my skin issues. It means being comfortable with not being able to wear perfume. It means being comfortable with standing in stores for hours, double checking ingredients. It means being comfortable with the fact that half of the products in store were never formulated with me in mind. It meant being comfortable with accepting the fact that I am sensitive.

Being comfortable in your skin may look different for everyone, it can even look like covering up your whole body. If that is what makes you COZY, then let it be that. 

It’s all about what feels COZY for you!

Alexa Play Cozy by Beyoncé

February 26, 2023 — Jennifer Etienne

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