What is Gently Soap’s commitment to environmental impact and sustainability?

Gently is dedicated to sustainability and environmental integrity, a value we stated very early on. We strive to do our part to decrease the prevalence of single-use plastic packaging in the personal care industry.

Our Bar Soaps

Bar soaps, as a whole, are considered the most sustainable soap option, with an environmental impact 10 times less than that of liquid soap. Gently bar soaps, in particular, are zero-waste, vegan, and made with organic/fair trade ingredients. 

Our Packaging 

We are proud to partner with a packaging supplier that utilizes eco-friendly ink, processes, and consistently monitors and maintains a low carbon footprint. They helped us in our mission to create our gorgeous and unique soap boxes from paperboard that is 50% recycled, 30% of which is post consumer waste material. Please recycle our boxes after use to help us uphold our commitment to sustainability. 

Our Body Butter Container Recycling Initiative 

Are you a local customer and see us regularly at the Athens Farmers Market? You can bring your used body butter container back to us for a 5% discount off your next purchase. Jars are then power washed, disinfected, and repurposed. Just a little thing we want to do to keep our recyclable jars moving around the sustainability circle.