Our Values

The LOVE GENTLY Wellness Initiative

Gently Soap is committed to giving back to underserved communities through our LOVE GENTLY initiative that donates bar soaps bi-annually to local non-profit organizations committed to serving the homeless community and survivors of sexual and domestic violence. 

Our Sustainability Commitment 

Bar soaps, as a whole, are considered the most sustainable soap option, with an environmental impact 10 times less than that of plastic bottled liquid soap. Gently Soap bar soaps, in particular, are zero-waste, vegan, and made with organic and fair trade ingredients. Our products also bypass the use of essential oils (which can be “economically expensive” in both resources and agricultural labor) through our unique herbal infusion and plant science expertise. Sustainability, in all aspects social, economic, and beyond, is incredibly important in building a brand and ensuring a balance in our communities not just for now but for ten, twenty, fifty years from now.

Our Packaging 

We are proud to partner with a packaging supplier that utilizes eco-friendly ink, processes, and consistently monitors and maintains a low carbon footprint. They helped us in our mission to create our gorgeous and unique soap boxes from paperboard that is 50% recycled, 30% of which is post consumer waste material. Please recycle our boxes after use to help us uphold our commitment to sustainability.